Solomon Idols

Beware The World

Many of us know someone who used to love God and now shows little to no interest in spiritual things. I myself have several people in mind when I think about the sadness of walking away from a vibrant Christian life. How does this happen? How does a person go from loving and serving God…
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Ittai David

Meeting The Needs Of Others

It’s a natural reaction to want to help someone when you see that they are struggling with what life has given them. We see someone slumping through the store or crying in the break room. Perhaps we might even know exactly why they are struggling, and there is that innate desire to want to help…
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Prayer 02

When God Says “No”

Have you ever prayed for something and not gotten it? Recently, I asked God to spare our kitten who had been hurt, and in the end, she died. How do Christians who believe the Bible balance the promises of God (“Ask, and it shall be given you” Matthew 7:7) with the reality that He doesn’t…
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Overcoming The Goliath Of Sin

The most famous story of insurmountable odds in all of history is not the story of the 300 Spartans, nor the 1980 “Miracle on Ice.” It is the story of David and Goliath, a story that is found in 1 Samuel 17. In the account, the Philistine army squares off against the Israelite army. While…
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One of the reasons that people do not go to church is hypocrisy. This is expressed in one of two ways. The first is: “I don’t like going to a place where everybody pretends to be such a saint, but they’re no better than the rest of us.” The second is: “I don’t want to…
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