Life- The Great Mystery

One of the great mysteries in the universe is the existence of life. Scientists know much about what kinds of conditions need to exist in order for life to exist. They acknowledge that water is an important component, which is why they are looking for water on the surface of Mars. Warmth is another important component for life to exist and thrive. Scientists affirm that life is present when there is self-duplication, and when that life is able to assimilate chemicals into fuel. The question, however, of where life came from on this planet is one that has stumped scientists throughout the ages.

One theory is that microscopic life was deposited on earth from outer space, either through comets, meteors, or other space entity. However, there is no proof that such life exists outside of Earth’s atmosphere. Earth seems to be the only place where life exists. Others believe that a chemical reaction of amino acids, carbon, and radiation gave way to life. Though some experiments have been reported to have duplicated this, those experiments have been since deemed unable to answer the question as fully as originally thought. Honestly, scientists have no naturalistic answers for where life came from. Life itself seems to be mystery, both at its beginning and at its end. We have made great advances in medical sciences, but still cannot keep someone alive for more than one-hundred and thirty years.

It is this admission of our ignorance that leads us to think outside of the naturalistic understanding of life to a supernatural answer for the origin of life. When we cannot say that life conclusively originated on its own, we may say that a supernatural force created it on this earth. What is this supernatural force? We know Him as God, who not only created life, but created the entire universe out of nothing. When we read the biblical record of God creating, we see that God did something very special in creating human life. While most of creation was spoken into existence, God formed man Himself, and then “breathed into him the breath of life.” God was personally involved with life because it is a special creation to Him.

This reverence for life is at the center of our laws on murder. It informs our desire to take care of those who cannot care for themselves, such as infants, the elderly, and those who are disabled. It makes policemen, paramedics, firefighters and soldiers rush into dangerous places in order to save life. We all innately recognize that of all creation, life is most precious, and that we are vanguards of it. We know deep down that life is worth preserving and taking care of, and often that realization comes when we see the value that God put on it.

This is why days like Sunday are so important. Sunday is “Right to Life Sunday,” and it is a chance for people who believe in the protection of life to speak their voices and talk about how we are succeeding and how we are failing. It is a time to stand and say, “What sometimes happens that destroys life, especially innocent life, is wrong!” It is at the heart of God, I believe. It is not a time for those who are “anti-abortionists,” but are “pro-life.” We aren’t “anti-choice,” we are “pro-life.” We aren’t “anti-women,” but we are “pro-life.” We are for life, wherever it is and in whatever form it takes.

Life is in the nursing home, among older people who need a great amount of care in order to continue surviving. The people laying in beds may not be contributing much to society, it’s true, but they possess that great mystery, that great gift: Life. They are worth our care. Life is in the group home, among people who need care in order to function. Those with developmental disabilities will never be the great scientific minds that we hold in such high regard, but they, like us, are possessors of that great mystery, that great gift: Life. Life is in the womb, among unseen humans who are completely unable to do anything for themselves and need our care. In the womb is water and warmth and self-replicating and DNA and fingerprints and the ability to feel pain. They haven’t done anything for the world yet, but they are possessors of that great mystery, that great gift: Life.

Life in the image of God means that those who call God their Father are bound to share His heart and protect life as well. If we diminish life to a simple interaction between chemicals and electronic impulses, life may well be done away with. If life is a simple equation of the right physical properties, then the debate is over and life is a hiccup or a mistake that perhaps never should have happened, but did. But if life is a precious gift from a God who proclaims His love for us, especially in the deliverance of His Son on the cross, then we have a duty to do our part to protect life.

Scientists will never discover where life came from apart from a supernatural intervention. They will continue to discover some of the intricacies of life, but life will always be a mystery. Wherever you are on the issue, agree that though you can’t know where life came from, you can know where life is right now. And where you can identify life, you can fight for it.


The Park Rapids MCCL (Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life) chapter is hosting a “March for Life” rally on Saturday, January 20. Meet at the Hubbard County Courthouse at 11:00. If you can march, they will have a short march through downtown Park Rapids. If you cannot march, you can hold a sign at several locations, either outside or in your car. Then attend a rally at approximately 11:30 to hear legislators and speakers talk about this important aspect of life. Anyone needing immediate assistance in the area of abortion alternatives is encouraged to call 218-732-5212 to speak with a professional, discreet counselor.