A Little Hymn Fun

For a change, I am doing a post that is a little more lighthearted today. I love to sing hymns and often find myself singing, humming, or whistling to them. I am a pastor, so it’s natural for me to sing hymns, but I wonder if people in other professions in Park Rapids ever find themselves doing the same thing…

Does Jay Jorgenson (Pleasant Ave Dentistry) ever find himself humming “Crown Him with Many Crowns”?

Does Bernie Gartner (Gartner-Johnson Construction) ever sing “How Firm a Foundation” as he’s building?

Does Dr. Westberg (Vision Source) ever have “Open My Eyes That I May See” in his head when he is asking you “Better lens 1?”

Do the guys at Hoffman Electric sing “Send the Light” on the way to their next job?

Does Lori Longworth have “I’ve Got a Mansion” playing in her office at ReMax?

Does Jody at the Library ever sing “We’ve a Story to Tell” as she shelves books?

Do the nurses in the OB department at St. Joseph’s ever sing “He is Able to Deliver Thee”?

I wonder if Mr. Steinke (choir director) at Park Rapids High School ever feels like belting out “Sing Them Over Again to Me”?

Do janitors at Warnick’s ever go to clean a bathroom and wonder “Who is he in Yonder Stall?”

Do you think that the folks at Headwaters Golf Course ever sing “There is a Green Hill Far Away”?

If I walked into Monika’s quilting store after they got a new shipment in, would they be singing, “The Comforter has Come”?

I wonder if there’s a nurse at DaVita Dialysis Center that is whistling “Power in the Blood” right now?

I know that the people in Dispatch at the Hubbard County Sherriff’s Office must sing “Silent Night,” hoping for fewer calls than normal.

Ed De La Hunt (KK Radio Network) probably hums “There’s a Song in the Air” to himself. Doesn’t he?

Is somebody at the Chamber of Commerce humming “We Gather Together” right now?

I’m not sure.

But I have to think that at the Fishing Derby, someone is singing “Shall We Gather At the River” to themselves. Before rifle season was over Sunday, someone had to be humming “As the Deer” as they climbed into their deer stand, right? And it would be wrong if a local cross-country skier or snowmobiler didn’t sing “Whiter Than Snow” when they headed out into a field after a few inches the night before.

Maybe not.

But that’s OK. The jukebox in my head plays all of these and more, and if no one else sings, I still will!

(“Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.” Eph. 5:19)