Waiting For Spring

If there is one thing that Americans lack, it is patience. We hate to wait. We need our food fast, our checkout lanes faster, and our cars even faster. We blaze through yellow lights in order to get to our next destination three seconds faster. If we have to wait for anything, we roll our eyes and complain about having to waste our time. We are an impatient people, especially when it comes to waiting for what should have come already, like spring. Right now it is April 17th, and it is snowing on top of the snow that should have already melted. We look at the part of our yard where vegetables and flowers should be, and grumble that spring should be here, but we are forced to wait.

The Bible uses the word “wait” one hundred six times, and one of the most famous passages that uses the word “wait” is Psalm 27:14, which says: “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.” When He says to “wait” on the Lord, He means first that God’s timing is not ours. In heaven, there is no time, no seasons. What we think has been too long on earth has not been too long in heaven. Perhaps you have been waiting for an answer to prayer and feel as though you have waited too long. Remember the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth, who had prayed for a son their whole lives, and when they were past the point of bearing children, the angel said, “thy prayer is heard.”

He means second that God’s timing is perfect. There is a reason spring is not here, and it is for God’s own perfect purposes. There is a reason things happen later instead of now. Remember the story of Joseph, who had to wait two full years in prison after the release of the butler. I’m sure those were frustrating years, but when the time was right, and not a second before, the butler remembered Joseph and told Pharaoh about him.

He means third that God is trying to teach us something by waiting. Getting everything immediately has done Americans a disservice. Instant gratification breeds selfishness and hedonism, while waiting breeds patience and endurance. It also develops dependence on God, which is one of the chief duties of man. That is why Psalm 27:14 says twice “wait on the LORD.”

I know you are waiting for spring and green grass. It will come, but in God’s timing. In the meantime, wait, and trust that God has a beautiful purpose in it all.