The Days After Easter

Easter is one of the major holidays for a Christian. It is the day that we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was a day in which He conquered death and the power of the grave. Remembering a day such as Easter is supposed to take us back to the time when Jesus rose up, and what the disciples felt as all of it happened. They had not been expecting Jesus to rise from the dead, and the revelation that He had was astounding.

But what about the days afterward? The Bible says that Jesus walked throughout Galilee and Judea for a month after He rose from the grave and before He ascended to heaven. What was life like after that first Easter morning? John 20 gives us just a glimpse of how the disciples were acting in light of their new, risen Messiah.

Jesus appeared to ten of his disciples, with some others, the same day He rose, as it says in verse 19. But, says verse 24, Thomas was not there. He tells the others he would not believe until he saw Jesus himself and put his hand in Jesus’ side. However, verse 26 says that eight days later, Jesus appears to them again. Think of it: eight days of trying to process what it meant that Jesus was really risen from the grave. It was eight days of realizing that it was decreed by God that Jesus died on the cross. This view might have caused them to go all over the place, proclaiming that message.

But it didn’t.

Joh 20:26 says “After eight days again his disciples were within, and Thomas with them: then came Jesus, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst, and said, Peace be unto you.” Notice that this time Thomas is with them, but they are in this room with the doors still shut. Mark 16:14 says that Jesus appeared to his disciples to upbraid them for their unbelief. They were will scared of what might happen, and wondering if their senses were not working as they should. Jesus came and met with his disciples again and gave Thomas the chance to see Him for himself.

There is a tendency, after a good, Holy day, to slip back into unbelief and our way of life. It is what the disciples did. But let us, instead, renew our efforts to meet with Christ every day in His Word, and with His believers in church this Sunday. Do not let the blessings of Easter be forgotten in the way things were before the day that changed history. Let the resurrection affect your everyday life for the rest of this year.