Can you believe that it is already August 1st? It seems like we just ended the school year at First Baptist Christian School, and here we are staring at the starting day on September 1st. The cold, hard fact is that we have only one month of “true” summer left. Of course, it will be warm in September for a little while, but for those of us with school-age children, summers days are numbered.

This realization should make us more determined to get as much out of these remaining weeks as possible. Redouble your efforts with that garden! Start checking off that outdoor to-do list! Go camping for a few nights! Make sure you have no regrets when you see those first few snowflakes fly.

But in all of your resolve, do not forget the most important goal you could meet this summer. Do not let this summer pass by without considering your soul. The summer is a good time to reflect on the goodness of God. The excuse of being snowed in from church isn’t there; why not go? Why not take time while enjoying outdoors to reflect on the God who made it all?

Jeremiah the prophet laments his people having wasted their time enjoying themselves and not reflecting on the salvation God had provided for Him. They squandered His goodness and took His grace for granted. He says in Jeremiah 8:20: “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.” Dear friend, let this not be true of you. In these last remaining months of summer, find out how you, too, can be saved.