Living By Faith… And Living By Your Own Sermon

I challenged the church in 2016 to read through the Bible this year. I said that if they would read through it, that I would preach on a passage from the week before. This past Sunday, I preached a message from Isaiah 30-31, which is a rebuke to Israel for seeking help for their Assyrian…
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aged treasure map, ruler and old brass compass on wooden table top view

The Real Treasure

Some of the best stories in literature revolve around finding lost treasure. Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island is about Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver trying to find treasure off a map. Tolkein’s The Hobbit is about a group of dwarves trying to get their homeland, and the treasure within, back from the enemies’ hands.…
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My Beloved

The world in which we live has many ideas about what love is. Some say that love is being non-judgmental and accepting everyone’s sins. Some equate love with fornication. Some say that love is simply an “intense feeling or emotion.” Love is described and depicted in our culture in many and sometimes contradictory ways. But…
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Hubbard County Jail

Police, Victims, Jesus, And Perspective.

This past week, the news broke that two black men had been killed by police officers, both in Baton Rouge and closer to home in Minneapolis. These incidents might not necessarily excite our attention (though perhaps they should) except for the fact that they play out against the backdrop of a prevailing narrative of violence…
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Day Declaration

The Day After Declaration

Have you ever thought about what went through the minds of the Founding Fathers the day after signing the Declaration of Independence? That Declaration was a powerful piece of literature and history, outlining the exact grievances and reasons that the Colonies wanted to both leave the control of the United Kingdom and form their own…
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